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Agrowet is a spreader/sticker manufactured by using Neem Compounds, and hence is unique as compared to other conventional wetting agents. This unique product is specially processed to enhance compatibility with a broad spectrum of agricultural chemicals over wide varieties of water qualities.

Neem bitters and limonoids :28%
Iso Propyl Alcohol :8%
Inert ingredients :66%


Neem Wetting Agent Agrowet

1. Being oil based Agrowet is more stable, less volatile and does not break down as quickly as those    mixed with water.
2. With lesser surface tension, it enables free flow of spray liquid by allowing droplets to stretch out on    the target surface, thereby giving better coverage.
3. It holds the spray fluid for a longer period of time on leaves and plant surfaces.
4. Being biological, it does not leave any residue on the leaf surface.


1. It is essentially non-phytotoxic even at a higher concentration.
2. With a low vapour pressure it reduces the evaporation losses of pesticides.
3. It reduces pesticides photodecomposition.
4. It gives added natural benefits of neem compounds to plants.
5. It enhances activity of fungicides and insecticides.
6. It is compatible with all commonly used insecticides, acaricides and fungicides.
7. While other wetting agents are derived from fossil reserves and chemicals, Agrowet is extracted    from natural crops which are a renewable source.
8. It translaminar action on many plants leaf surface helps in improving efficacy of pesticides with    faster absorption and translocation.
9. It improves the efficacy of pesticides by uniform and better coverage on leaves and economizes the    use of pesticides by avoiding wastage.

Agrowet is available in packing of 100ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1000ml, 5000ml, and 20000ml as well as in bulk packing.

The recommended dosage is 100ml to 200ml in 200 liters of spray liquid per acre.

Prepare the pesticide that requires to be sprayed and then add required quantity of Agrowet as per above dosage.
Ensure that the entire solution is mixed properly to get a homogeneous solution before spraying.

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