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DOSAGE for Neemex® Neem Cake Organic Manure

Potted Plants:
a) Small 50g/Pot
b) Large 100g/Pot

Flowering Plants:
a) Roses 100g/Plant
b) Hibiscus 200g/Plant
c) Crotons 200g/Plant
d) Bougainvillea 500g/Plant

a) Dahlia 100g/Plant

Kitchen Garden Vegetables:
a) Common Vegetables Like Okra, Tomato 200g/
b) Banana 500g/Plant
c) Coconut 2 Kg/Tree
d) Other fruit trees 1 Kg/Tree
e) Lawn 200g/

Field Crops:
Rice 750 Kgs Per Hectare
Wheat 1000 Kgs Per Hectare
Sugarcane 2400 Kgs Per Hectare
Soyabean 600 Kgs Per Hectare
Tobacco 1000 Kgs Per Hectare

Plantation Crops:
Coffee 1000 Kgs Per Hectare
Tea 1000 Kgs Per Hectare
Rubber 3 Kgs Per Plant

Note: The above dosage information is based on generally accepted practices in India.
These need to be suitably altered based on local Agro-Climatic and Soil conditions.

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