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NEEM UREA GUARD - a Urea Coating Agent

It is scientifically proved that only 40-50% of urea applied to the soil is available to the crop due to various soil and atmospheric actions.

This problem of wastage of urea can be best controlled by coating urea with "Neem Urea Guard" - a Liquid Organic Manure, and applying it to the soil.

Neem Urea Guard
Neem Urea Guard

Neemex®-Neem Urea Guard is made by chemically structuring Neem oil and contains Neem triterpenes. It is an effective urea coating agent which prevents loss of urea in soil and increases urea uptake by the crops so that they receive maximum benefit of the applied urea.

Advantages of Neemex®-Neem Urea Guard:
Retards bacterial action on urea and reduces loss of unutilized urea in the soil.
» Forms a uniform coating on urea which retards the release of nitrogen in the soil, maximizing    nitrogen supply to the plant.
» 100% organic and Eco-friendly product.
» Helps the soil to retain fertility.
» Reduces urea consumption and ultimately increases the yield of crops.
» Application on urea is easy and convenient.
» Benefit of One bag of Neemex®-Neem Urea Guard coated urea is equivalent to two bags of urea    approximately:
                  50 kgs urea + 450 gms urea guard = 100 kgs urea

How to use Neemex®-Neem Urea Guard:
Uniformly spread the urea on a plastic sheet or a gunny bag.
» Pour Neemex®-Neem Urea Guard evenly on the urea.
» Mix urea and Neemex®-Neem Urea Guard thoroughly and uniformly by hand or any other    convenient method.
» Allow the mix to dry for a few hours before use.
» Neemex®-Neem Urea Guard is recommended for all crops where urea is applied directly.

Dose: 450 gms of Neemex®-Neem Urea Guard for every 50 kgs of Urea.

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