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Agro Extracts Limited Eco Friendly & 100% Organic Neem Fertilizers

Neem has been declared as the "Tree of the 21st Century" by the United Nations

Neem is a fascinating tree which is widely accepted as one of the most promising of all plants.

Neem has the potential to benefit every person on the planet as it can balance ecological problems like deforestation, erosion and global warming along with providing an astonishing variety of products that are environmentally friendly.

The neem oil, fruit and extracts have utility in organic farming as biopesticides, fungicides and organic manure.

Agro Extracts Limited are manufacturers of Neem Products, with over 42 years of expertise, having processed over 300,000 tons of Neem.

We have the distinction of being awarded the "Highest Processor of Neemseed" from the 'The Solvent Extractors' Association of India' for 2005-06 and also from 1990-1999.

Neem Oil
Neem Oil Expeller
Neem Cake Organic Manure
Neem Wetting Agent
Neem Urea Coating Agent